Register Jeevan Pramaan life certificate For pensioners

How to register Jeevan Pramaan life certificate For pensioners, Jeevan Pramaan registration process at

Jeevan Pramaan is nothing but computer generated digital life certificate for pensioner. Jeevan Pramaan Certificate is produced for individual pensioner using his Biometric Credentials.while it is “Aadhaar based Digital Life Certificate (DLC) for Pensioners”.there is different from traditional Jeevan Pramaan Certificate? . yes, For this certificate individual pensioner has not to present himself/ herself in front of seniors Authorised Officers. This can be generated even from home. Only you need a internet connection and Biometric devices. Digital Life Certificate which is electronic and recognized under the ITAct. The system frees the pensioner from having to go before thePension disbursing Authority to prove that he is alive.
How to create Jeevan Pramaan without online internet ?
Go to nearest Citizen Service Centre (CSC) or designated Offices / bank branches available on the website of Jeevan Pramaan.Pensioner having pension account in any Bank can go to CSC for certificate.

Required information for registration on Jeevan Pramaan?

Pensioner needs to know his/her Aadhaar Number, PPO Number, Bank Account number and branch detail, Name, Address etc. Also, pensioner need to get his / her Aadhaar number updated in his / her Bank Account and Bank Pension Database by giving the PPO Number and Bank Account Number before the registration.
How to register yourself for Jeevan Pramaan?
There are three ways to register  :
1. Go to nearest CSC (Citizen Service Centre) Centre and register online using CSC services and you may have to pay nominally for this
2. Go to Designated Office and register yourself
3. Download application of your android based smart phone / tablet or Window based Personal Computer / Laptop and register yourself (you need biometric device for this).

How to register for a Digital Life certificate?

1. Pensioner’s information like Pension Aadhaar number, Pensioner Name, PPO Number, Bank Account detail, Address, Mobile number etc are fed into the system though web based / client interface and finally pensioners person information are authenticated using the Aadhaar number and pensioner has to put his finger on to the finger print scanner or eye on the Iris scanner.
2. After successful authentication, Pramaan ID / the transaction number is displayed on the screen and same has is sent to Pensioner’s mobile as SMS from the portal.
3. The portal generates Electronic Jeevan Pramaan for the successfully authenticated pensioner and it is stored in the central Life Certificate Repository database.
4. The disbursing Bank can access and get the Jeevan Pramaan certificate from the portal for his pensioners though the electronic data transfer mechanism created between the portal and Bank server.
5. Pensioner has to inform to the Bank that his Jeevan Pramaan has been generated through online registration from Jeevan Pramaan portal.

Who can access and find CSCs / Designated Offices / bank branches?

Access Jeevan Pramaan web site by using in the browser and find the Centre using “Locate A Centre” option or alternately you can send SMS to 7738299899, the SMS body must start with keyword “JPL” and after space write you pin code e.g. SMS — JPL 110003 to 7738299899
The Portal Reply message will have list all Centre’s where you can visit for Jeevan Pramaan.

pensioners get pension slips?

Yes. As decided by the Central Government (Civil and Defence), pension paying banks have been advised to issue pension slips to the pensioners in prescribed form when the pension is paid for the first time and thereafter whenever there is a change in quantum of pension due to revision in basic pension or revision in Dearness Relief.

For more details, visit official website :

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