LIC India login Online premium payment,lic Insurence plans,lic Policy Status and Lic Merchant

LIC India login Online premium payment,lic Insurence Policy plans ,lic Policy Status and Lic Merchant
LIC designed for giving a variety of general and policy information to our policyholders. to know more details about policy Information and customer gain information all they updated in official. For viewing the policy related information, new customers are required to go through a Registration procedure, the details of which personally their login thing to know Policies with mode of payments such as single premium, ordinary monthly and Salary savings scheme are not available for this facility. to know more Policy plans and registration details Register in lic India.

The policy schedule contains on the first page of your policy, like the ones mentioned above as well as other information like nominee, your address etc. It also shows the date of commencement of your policy, date of birth, date of maturity, due dates and months in which the renewal premiums are to be paid etc.
LIC India login Online premium payment,lic Insurence Policy,lic Status and Lic Merchant
Benefits of paying your LIC premiums online payment:-
Can decide and authorize payments 24*7 days a week because of anywhere & anytime access to internet.
Can issue payment instruction within the comforts of your home or office, and avoid personal visit to LIC branch
Will save time by not waiting in queues for making the payment.
Can avail the free service from LIC, as you don’t have to pay any charges to LIC or its authorized agencies for this additional benefit.
Can choose the bank account you want to pay from, any or all of your bank accounts can be registered with the service provider.
Can decide in advance the date on which you want your account to be debited.
Can choose to modify your instructions during the intervening time.
Will get reminders and alerts by email from the banks and service providers about the premium dues.
Can avoid expenses of postage/courier in sending the remittance to LIC.
Can avoid demand draft/pay order charges for outstation policy premiums.
Can also view your premium dues and other policy details

Lic india policy details at the authorised bank/service :
Using the login & password provided by the bank/service provider, you can log on to your account page at the bank/service provider’s website
You have to add LIC as biller with the policy details and other requisite information. In general, you would have to enter the policy number, the installment premium, email-id and any other information. This is a one-time process for each policy.
Some of the service providers/banks’ web-sites have a demo page showing the process of adding the billers.

For more details visit official website of

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