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NREGA’ Means the ‘Mahatma Gandhi National  Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005′.

Mega is worlds one of the largest Social Security programs. This program is famous for providing 100 days of employment in the category of unskilled physical labor. Rural residents are pretty helpful with this skin-open stop.

To get mandatory employment under this scheme, one must possess an NREGA job card. This card is a document that provides all the required details of the individual registered with the local gram Panchayat to work under the NREGA scheme. This card and list are available on the official site of NREGA.The process to download the NREGA Job Card is discussed below –

National  Rural Employment Guarantee Act NREGA JOB CARD LIST

Process to Download the NREGA Job Card – 

1. Go to the official site of NREGA i.e.

2. On the home page, search for the Transparency and Accountability section.

3. Click on the Job card option available under it.

4. The list of all the states appears next.

5. Choose the state from the list.

6. Provide related information like District, Panchayat, Block, and the Financial Year.

7. Click on the ‘Submit’ tab.

8. You will see the NREGA Job card list.

9. Check the name carefully on the NREGA Job Card List.

NREGA Job card color code –

When you see the NREGA job on the screen you will see a colour code scheme for different cards, which has a definite meaning –

(a) If the name is in Green colour, it means that job card is availed together with the photograph and the employment.

 (b) If the name is in Grey colour, it means that job card is availed together with the photograph and no employment.

(c) If the name is in Sunflower colour, it means that job card is availed without the photograph and the employment.

(a) If the name is in Red colour, it means that job card is availed without the photograph and the no employment.

What are the details contained in the NREGA Job Card?

The important details covered in the NREGA Job are –

(a) Job Card number.

(b) Address.

(c ) Name of Father/Husband.

(d) Date of Registration

(e ) Category

(f) Name of the head of the family

(g) Number of days for which the work is allotted.

(h) Unemployment amount

(i) Measurement Details.

(j) Date–wise amount of wages paid

(k) Muster roll number

Important Question :
What is the eligibility for holding a NREGA Job Card?

1. The person must be an Indian citizen.
2. The person must be more than or equal to 18 years of age.
3. The person must be a member of the local gram panchayat.
4. The person must be a volunteer opting for unskilled labor.

What are the benefits of NREGA?

This card helps to check the details easily on the portal.
The job part of the NREGA can be directly downloaded very easily.
Lots of job opportunities easily become available with the help of this job card.
If the government is not able to employ within 15 days of the application, the government provides the employment allowance.

What is the payment process for NREGA?

Under this scheme, the wages are directly transferred to the bank account of the NREGA cardholder. The post office of the bank to which the amount is transferred is the same as indicated on the job card of the employee. In case, anyone doesn’t have a bank account or a post office account, they must open a bank account with the use of an NREGA job card. In the rarest of the rare cases, the payment can be made in cash. But it is only possible if there is a very weak penetration of the network of banks in the areas where the jobs are provided.

How to check the balance of the NREGA Bank account?

The bank account cannot be checked by any direct method. Payments of the subscriber can however be checked within a specific period. The rate of wages changes from state to state.

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