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The full form of ‘NREGA‘ is the ‘National Rural Employment Guarantee Act‘. This social security scheme provides the ‘right to work’ to the underprivileged citizens of rural India. Under this scheme, at least 100 days of employment guarantee is given to rural households under unskilled manual labor. In a country like India, where a big portion of the population lives below the Poverty line. This scheme is highly appreciated.

What is MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi NREGA) or NREGA?

In this scheme, the rural population that belongs to the BPL category can register itself to get guaranteed employment for 100 days. A job card is issued to them, which helps them to get the job. Mostly, the type of employment is unskilled labor. The scheme, initially introduced in 2005, has now completed two decades.

How does the NREGA scheme work?

Once, the NREGA Job card is issued to all the elderly members of a family, they can show the card to get employment for 100 days from the Government. Once they get the job, minimum wages are paid to them for their labor.

What are the objectives of NREGA Panchayat GP?

  • To provide at least 100 days of unskilled labor to every household adult member.
  • To increase the livelihood potency of the poor.
  • To increase the social inclusion in the country.
  • To strengthen the Panchayat Raj Institutional Strengthening.

Legal entitlements to Rural Individuals under NREGA –

There are in total nine entitlements –

  • Entitlements I – Right to a Job Card
  • Entitlement II – Right to Demand and Receive work within 15 days.
  • Entitlement III – Right to Unemployment Allowance
  • Entitlement IV – Right to Plan and Prepare a Shelf of Projects
  • Entitlement V – Right to obtain work within a Radius of 5 Km.
  • Entitlement VI – Right to Worksite Facilities.
  • Entitlement VII – Right to Notified Wage Rate
  • Entitlement VIII – Right to Receive Wages Within 15 Days
  • Entitlement IX – Right to Time – Bound Redress of Grievance

Range of Activities covered under NREGA –

Various activities are covered under Karnataka. Open some of the special activities that windows special mentions –

  • Rural sanitation projects.
  • Watershed works
  • Livestock works
  • Construction works
  • Rural drinking water projects
  • Fisheries work
  • Coastal area-related works
  • Irrigation works
  • Flood management works


There is the dedicated app of NREGA, with the help of which one can check the details related to the scheme of the gram panchayat. The information that can be accessed through this app are-

  • Work done by every Gram Panchayat in India (day-to-day work).
  • The payments are done by the gram panchayat.
  • Works done under the NREGA scheme.
  • Any new scheme and its related information.

Benefits of the scheme –

  • It helps the rural people of India to earn a minimum income to support their lives.
  • Alleviation of the unemployment problem in the rural sector please stop
  • Inclusion of women and individuals in the scheme to give them a chance to earn a living.
  • Open payment through direct bank transfers to give direct benefit to the people.
  • Unemployment allowance to the NREGA card holders.

For more details visit and check official website : NREGA Gram Panchayat

Important Questions
What is most important feature of MGNREGA?

The most important feature of the NREGA is 100 days of guaranteed wage employment to all rural households.

What is the definition of household in MGNREGA?

Household means the members of a family related to each other by blood or marriage. Adoption and normally living together are also included under this term.

What is the validity of the NREGA Job Card?

The Job Card of NREGA is valid for about 5 years. Post expiry, it renews.

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