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Bhoomi is the project of online delivery and management of land records in Karnataka. Copy of RTC can be obtained online by providing particulars of land owner or plot. Users can also verify RTC pahani, mutation extract, mutation status of lands. how to get RTC pahani in karnataka from Bhoomi Kiosk Centre are also provided. It provides transparency in land records management with better citizen services and takes discretion away from civil servants at operating levels.

RTC Pahani view Bhoomi Karnataka Land Records online bhoomi.karnataka.gov.in

In the BHOOMI Karnataka project, a printed copy of the RTC can be obtained online by providing the name of the owner or plot number at computerized land record kiosks in 177 taluk offices, for a fee of Rs.15. The BHOOMI Karnataka has computerized 20 million records of land ownership of 6.7 million farmers in the state. A farmer can check the status of a mutation application on Touch Screen Kiosks. If the revenue inspector does not complete the mutation within 45 days, a farmer can now approach a senior officer person with their grievance.

How to Check RTC pahani / Bhoomi Karnataka Land Records online :

visit Direct link :

Select District and submit.
Select the taluka and submit.
In taluka, select the Hobli and submit it.
Select your village and enter your survey number and Submit.
And get your land record details shown.

In karnataka BHOOMI RTC Pahani Details :

RTC pahani is a very important revenue records, as it contains details of land such as owners’ details like area, assessment, water rate, soil type, nature of possession of the Land, Liabilities, Tenancy and Crops grown, etc.

RTC Pahani is required for various purposes:
1. To know the genuiness of seller(owner) when land is being purchased.
2. It is required at Sub-Register’s office when sale transaction is being done
3. To raise the farm credit / loan from the Bank.
4. Court needs Pahani in case of Civil litigation.
5. For personal purpose.

Pahani contains valuable data related to piece of Land. It has the following information :
1. Survey Number and Hissa Number of Land.
2. Total Land under the Pahani.
3. Land Revenue details.
4. Land Owner’s name with Extents and Khatha Number.
5. The way land is acquired by the owner.
6. Government/Public rights on the Land.
7. Liabilities of the Owners on the Land.
8. Classification of the Soil.
9. Number of Trees.
10. Source of irrigation and area irrigated.
11. Cultivators Details.
12. Utilisation of land under various categories.
13. Details of Crops grown season-wise.
14. Details of Mixed Crops.

How to get the Pahani RTC?
One can get the signed copy of computerized PAHANI from PAHANI CENTRE, set up at the Tahsildar Office, instantaneously by paying Rs.15.00. If he is unable to come to Taluk office, it can be collected by paying Rs.15.00 to Village Accountant / Revenue Inspector, who inturn will collect computerized PAHANI from PAHANI CENTRE and hand it over.

For more details visit official website : http://bhoomi.karnataka.gov.in.

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