Citizen Registration at Bhoomi

Citizen Registration at Bhoomi linking mobile number with RTC (OTP) Based at Karnataka Land records Portal

Citizen registration at the Bhoomi Karnataka Land records Portal

At the dawn of the new millennium in the year 2000, the government of Karnataka undertook a groundbreaking initiative known as the “Bhoomi project,” marking its flagship venture in the state. This visionary endeavor, supported by both the central and state governments, aimed to revolutionize the management of property records. The overarching goal was to usher in a new era of transparency, eradicating malpractices such as cheating and corruption within the realm of property transactions.

One of the notable facets of the Bhoomi project was its user-friendly online portal, providing citizens with a seamless interface for accessing and managing property-related information. Having personally registered on the Bhoomi portal, I found the process to be remarkably straightforward and efficient.

Citizen Registration at Bhoomi Portal

The Bhoomi initiative set out to modernize all property records across the state, employing technological advancements to streamline the dissemination of information. To ensure widespread accessibility, kiosk facilities were strategically established, enabling the public to easily retrieve pertinent property details. Additionally, the portal facilitated online property registration, further simplifying the engagement of citizens with the Bhoomi program.

Presently, the Bhoomi initiative extends its reach across 175 taluks and 6000 gram panchayats throughout India, solidifying its status as a comprehensive and impactful project.

What is the Bhoomi Karnataka portal, and why should I register as a citizen?

The Bhoomi portal is a pioneering initiative by the Karnataka government aimed at modernizing property records and promoting transparency. Citizen registration on the Bhoomi portal allows individuals to access and manage property-related information seamlessly.

How to Do Karnataka Land records Citizen registration Process :

For those interested in becoming part of this transformative initiative, the Bhoomi online citizen registration process provides a systematic guide:

  • Begin by visiting the official portal of Bhoomi for the Karnataka state.
  • If you already possess a Bhoomi account, simply log in using your credentials.
  • For new users, the initial step involves creating an account by providing essential details such as name, email address, Aadhaar number, address details, and mobile number.
  • Validate your registration by entering the one-time password (OTP) received on your registered mobile number.
  • In case the OTP is not promptly received, the option to resend it is available by clicking on “Send OTP.”
  • Complete the registration process by entering the “Captcha Code” and clicking on the “Signup or Submit” button.

With these steps, you are now successfully registered on the Bhoomi website, paving the way for your active participation in the Bhoomi online citizen registration process.

Important Questions
What if I encounter issues receiving the OTP during registration?

If you don’t receive the OTP promptly, you can click on the “Send OTP” option to resend it. Ensure your registered mobile number is correct, and check your network connectivity.

Is there any fee for citizen registration on the Bhoomi portal?

No, citizen registration on the Bhoomi portal is typically free of charge. The government aims to encourage widespread participation and accessibility.

Can I register multiple properties under one Bhoomi account?

Yes, the Bhoomi portal allows you to register multiple properties under a single account. Once registered, you can conveniently manage all your property records through the portal.

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