West Bengal Bhumi land reforms Online Property West Bengal Land & Land Reforms Property Mouza and Map Download with Khatian and Plot No

West Bengal is the leader in land reforms in the country.The Department of a Land & Land Reforms implements measures of land reforms. Therefore it is essential to upgrade its capabilities for implementation of land reforms in the interest of the landless, marginal and small farmers.In west bengal know your property details for visiting official website of

West Bengal: Online Search Khatian & Plot Information & Rights to Records/ROR by District/Tehsil/Mouza Details

In West Bengal, Most of the population in the villages hold land. Therefore land is very important and dear to the villagers, who constitute 70% of the population of West Bengal. The total land in the State is 86,87,540 hectares, out of which the net cultivated area is 54,63,678 hectares. This land, which is about 63% of the total area, is held by 4.30 crore land holders/raiyats.

The Theodolite Traverse Survey is conducted in the mauzas by the Surveyors of the West Bengal Traverse Party under the Directorate of Land Records & Surveys, as per requisition of the District Land & Land Reforms Officers. The unit of survey for cadastral mapping and preparation of land records in West Bengal is a mauja (a revenue village).

The department is one of the major revenue earning Government departments in the State. The Department of Land and Land Reforms (herein after referred to as L & L.R. Department or Department) plays a crucial role in West Bengal in terms of administration & management of Land Records Information. The department not only provides services to the citizens & industries but also interacts with other government departments.

Banglarbhumi west Bengal Bhumi land reforms Online Property of Khatian & Plot Details:

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West Bengal Land & Land Reforms Property Details :
Select District name / Block name is displayed in

1. “Green” color means Centrally Co-Located live data.
2. “Blue” color means Legacy Data.
3. “Black” means No Data available.

Search by Khatian no. /Plot no. :
According to the account No. (Search by Khatian)
No. blur the (Search by Plot)

Per exam like If khatian no. /Plot no. is in the form as ‘99999/99’, then put ‘99999’(First portion of khatian no. /plot no.) In the box before the slash (‘/’) and put ’99′(Second portion of khatian no./plot no.) in the box after slash(‘/’).
e.g. – If khatian/Plot no. is ‘495/01’ then put ‘495’ in the box before (‘/’) and ’01’ in the box after slash (‘/’).
Othere wise, if khatian no. /Plot no. is in the form as ‘99999’ (Without any slash ‘/’), then put whole khatian no. /plot no. in the box before the slash ‘/’
e.g. – If khatian /Plot no. is ‘49501’ i.e without any slash (‘/’) then put ‘49501’ in the box before the slash (‘/’).

Contact Us :
the departmental person Mr. Dulal Kar he is working as the assistant secretary and nodal officer in the department,
call in 22535083
after using the std code 033

Address :
visit to the office address Nabanna, 325 Sarat Chatterjee Road, Post Office Shibpur, Howrah Pin Code 711102 or

Email address :
ROR then submit your complaint / query :

For more details, visit official website of Government of west Bengal Land & Land Reforms Department :

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