Check Home Loan Eligibility in HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank brings HDFC home loans to your doorstep. Over 3 decades of exclusive experience, a dedicated team of experts and a complete package to meet all your housing finance needs, HDFC Home Loans, help you realize your dream.The house of your dreams can now be yours with an HDFC Home Loan, check home loan eligibility  in hdfc. The range of Housing Finance products includes Home Loans, Home Improvement/Renovation Loans and Home Extension Loans etc are available in hdfc bank.

HDFC may decide my home loan eligibility in HDFC?
HDFC assess the customer’s repayment capacity based on income, age, qualifications, number of dependents, spouse’s income, assets, liabilities, stability and continuity of occupation, and savings history.if you want to check your eligibility for home loans, please follow the below link :

Check home loan eligibility in hdfc :
visit :
Click on “check eligibility“.
and filling your land details and personal details.
and click on “get quote now”.
And calculating your land details and tell it you, are you eligible or not?
and Decide to apply home load or not?

one thing, you just remember, they must be many advantages in hdfc home loan.
HDFC Advantage in home loan :
1. Pioneer of Housing Finance in India with over 35 years of lending experience
2. For over 3 decades, shared the hopes and joys of 4.4 million customers who have been nurturing the dream of home ownership
3. Most experienced and empowered personnel to ensure smooth & easy processing
4. Transparent dealing. All charges mentioned upfront while giving you the loan quote. No hidden charges
5. Counseling and advisory services for acquiring a property
6. Loan approval even before a property is selected
7. Loan from any HDFC office for purchase of home anywhere in India
8. Flexible loan repayment options
9. Free & safe document storage

Benefits of HDFC Home Loans?
Home Loan:
Home loans for individuals to purchase (fresh / resale) or construct houses. Application can be made individually or jointly.

Home Improvement Loan(HIL):
The interiors of any home reflect the personal preferences and tastes of its owners making it imperative to constantly upgrade to keep up with changing times. HIL facilitates internal and external repairs and other structural improvements like Painting, Waterproofing and Roofing, Plumbing and Electrical Works, Tiling and Flooring, Grills, Aluminum Windows, Compound Walls and much more.

Home Extension Loan(HEL):
HEL for adding more space to your existing home for meeting the requirements of your growing family. Be it an extra bedroom for your children, a reading room for yourself or a cozy coffee corner. It is easy to extend your home anyway you like.

Automated Repayment of Home loan EMI:
You can give us standing instructions to repay your Home Loan EMIs directly from your HDFC Bank Savings Account, thus, saving you the trouble of procuring, signing and tracking post-dated cheques.

for more details visit near to hdfc bank or official website of

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