EPF account passbook download for Register online

Registered members can view their EPF account passbook online. This facility at present is only for the members for whom the employer has uploaded the Electronic Challan Cum Return for the wage month of May 2012 onwards. You have to use your mobile number and any of your following identification proof number such as PAN, AADHAR, NPR (National Population Register), bank account, voter id, passport or driving licence to register and thereafter to login.

EPF account passbook download for Register online :

How to Download EPF account passbook?

visit official website: http://members.epfoservices.in/
After login in the site, How to use the download e passbook link in portal. suppose member has to select the state under which the establishment is covered and then the epfo office that maintains member account. member will be asked tp enter the code number, Account number and member name. if the passbook is available member will get a pin on member mobile number and on entry of the pin member will get the link for the passbook. member can open and save the passbook on member computer.

Member has left service but not applied for the settlement of the account?

members who has left service can make a request for their passbook through the member portal. once member request is accepted on the portal,member will receive an sms when the passbook is made available on the portal.member can then login and download the passbook.passbook will however not be made available if the members account has become inoperative (no contribution received for 36 months or more) or if it is settled.passbook will be available for immediate download for active members only for whom the employer has uploaded the electronic challan cum return (ecr)and has made the payment.

Member got a pin on mobile number while downloading e passbook, field for entry of the pin not allowing entry, How to do?

The field for entry of pin allows enter only when the member has clicked on the check box with “I AGREE”, meaning that member is declaring that the account number member has entered is member account and that in case of any misuse or complaint member details can be used for suitable action.

Member Does not know EPFO office which is establishment is complying? how to download passbook?

The member can use the establishment search facility on the epfo official website to get the details of the office and also the code number of the establishment.

these are the main details to know how to download the your EPF account passbook. for more details visit official website : http://members.epfoservices.in/.


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