How To Check Canara Bank Balance online (6 Methods )

To check your Canara Bank account balance directly through their official website, mobile app, Missed call service, or by contacting their Canara Bank customer service. …

Check Canara Bank Balance

Canara Bank provided par excellence services to its customers. Nowadays, the bank provides quick and endless types of services to their customers. Checking the account balance is one of the frequent services that a customer needs. There are many methods to do that. Let us discuss all of them one by one.

Through Canara bank net Banking: –

Internet banking is one of the easiest ways to check the balance if one has a good internet connection. But to use this service, one must register himself/herself with the bank for getting the net banking services. To check the balance through net banking, please follow these steps: –

canara bank net banking website
canara bank net banking website

Check Canara Bank Balance online

  1. Go to the official portal of the Canara Bank : and Direct net banking url :
  2. and log in to the portal using your customer ID and password, which you registered with the Bank.
  3. You will be able to see your account number on the screen. You will find an option of ‘Bank Details’ on the screen. Click on that.
  4. Now, you will be taken to the next screen, where the bank balance and the statement option will be displayed.
  5. Together with checking the balance, one can get a full bank statement, mini-statement, savings account detail, FD/RD detail, etc.

Through Mobile Banking APP:-

There is a dedicated ‘Canara Bank mobile banking App‘ for Canara Bank with “Canara ai1“. This application is available in the Google Play Store. It is available on the Apple Store also. Using Applications is becoming a favorite way of checking balances among all because most people have accounts in 1 or 2 banks or a maximum of three.  So, it’s easy to keep the application handy.

canara bank ai1 bank App
canara bank ai1 bank App

                                For using the App, you first need to download it from the App store. Write “Canara ai1” in the search box of the Google Play store and search it. Download and install it. Then log in with the method suggested by the Bank. Before using the application, check some of the prerequisites –

  1. A smartphone
  2. Storage to download, install and run the App.
  3. Internet Connection
  4. Active Debit Card
  5. SMS Balance

Through Passbook: –

Most banks provide passbooks at the time of their account opening. If you have missed the passbook somehow, you can get it again from the bank.

You can take this passbook to the bank branch and print the latest details over it. There is a digital version of this passbook- the Canara e-Passbook. This can be accessed through the App.

Through Canara Bank ATM: –

  • If you need to check the balance through the ATM card, you need to possess an active debit card. Insert that debit card into the ATM and then enter your secret 4-digit ATM PIN.
  • From the options that appear on the screen. Choose the option ‘Balance Enquiry/Check Account Balance’. You will instantly see the Account Balance on the screen of the ATM.
  • If you wish, you can print the receipt of the account and take it with you. There is an option of ‘mini statement’ too.
  • If you choose this option, you will be able to see the last 3 to 5 transactions on the screen or receipt.

Canara bank balance through missed call: –

Canara Bank also offers a missed call service. You can give a missed call to the designated number from your registered mobile number, and you will receive an SMS with your account balance.
  • Canara Bank Saving Account Balance inquiry Number by missed call – 8886610360
  • Canara Bank Account Mini Statement or last 5 Transactions09015734734 (In English)
  • Canara Bank Account Mini Statement or last 5 Transactions – 09015613613 (In Hindi)

Toll-Free Number:

Toll-Free Free number is also one of the easiest options to check the account balance. It doesn’t require an internet connection or ATM card. You just need to enter your account number. If you remember the account number, you can check the balance by giving a missed call on the given toll number. The number is 1800 1030.

Conclusion : Make sure to use secure methods and follow the bank’s guidelines when accessing your account information. Ensure that your mobile number is registered with the bank for SMS and missed call services.

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