How to Transfer EPF Balance online for employers

How to Transfer EPF Balance online for employers
EPFO Portal has newly Introduced a new system to facilitate online submission of PF transfer claims by the members with an objective to make through the transfer process transparent, efficient and comfortable ways for employees wise.

claims submitted through online mode :
1. The EPF members have been given a facility to submit the transfer claims through online mode to the EPFO offices through previous or present employer.
2. The member is required to take the printout of the submitted online claim application, sign it and submit it to the employer, previous or present, depending on the option chosen by the member while submitting the online claim.
3. To forward the online claims submitted by members, the employer should attest the claims submitted by the member on Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP) using his Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
4. Detailed process flow for attestation of an online claim has been explained on the portal for the convenience of employers. The employer should go through the process flow before attesting the Online Claim Application.
5. Depending on the employer opted to apply the claim through, the member details would be available for verification and accordingly the claim can be attested or rejected.
6. The employer can verify or edit only the details entered by the member. The details populated from EPFO database cannot by edited by the employer.
7. After attestation or rejection of the claim, the employer can see the attested/rejected claim details in the “History of Approved/Rejected Claims” option.

How to Verification of member details as previous employer
1. This is required in such cases where the member has opted for the present employer for attestation of claim and the member details pertaining to the previous establishment are not available in EPFO database. In such cases, the member enters such details in the claim form.
2. Since the member details pertaining to previous establishment are not available in EPFO database, the details entered by member are subject to verification. Thus, the details entered by the member are required to be verified by the employer from the establishment office records.

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