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IGRS UP property registration assessment search status online, igrs UP Registration Apply online Process, igrs UP property Search Details at igrsup.gov.in

IGRS UP : The emblem of the utter Pradesh Registration and Stamps Department in Hindi. The UP Registration and Stamps Department provides document registration services to the people as per the Registration Act and collects revenue through stamp duty as per the Stamp Act. The vision of the department is to be the best department in providing services of document registration and revenue collection.Also having online applications, Fees for stamp duty, Registration fees for Property Purchase, Sale, Registering title deeds etc. A Government Organization named IGRS is placed and functioning independently in each state to monitor Properties registration, sales etc on behalf of Revenue & Stamps department.

IGRS UP Registration search Property details :

visit official site : http://igrsup.gov.in/
steps to search by property details :
1: Select District
2: Select property address or registration number and year
3: Enter minimum one characters in english for your desired area(Address of property).
4: Select the area from drop down list.
5: Enter cts / survey / gat / plot / flat etc. number (only numeric numbers are allowed)
6: Click on search button. (Search result will take few minutes to show result).
search by document number?
1: Select Registration Type
2: Select district
3: Select SRO
4: Select year
5: Enter document number
6: Click on search button.

how to Apply Property registration ?

visit official site : http://igrsup.gov.in/
1. Enter name of Proposer or Buyer.
2. Enter Mobile number, Email address for personal communication.
3. choose your Identity certificate which you want to produce for Registration.
4. Enter Id number beside in actual manner.
5. Select your district name from list, Enter complete personal residential address which is permanent.
6. Enter calculated Stamp Duty, Registration Fee for type of registration.
7. incase If you are first time registering then go for an Official Scribe available at local SRO.
8. You can also find the Percentage of Registration or Assessment fees in IGRS website.
9. And IGRS UP Registration & Stamp website provides Model TITLE deeds documents for download such a mannar.
10. Now keep In mind Scribe service is mandatory, Document seller (Stamp Vendor) is also considered as an Witness for property registrations, every transaction.
11. And finally enter your Stamp Duty, Registration fees. Pass the verification code and select Secure button to proceed further.
SImply says steps:
1: Select district.
2: Select SRO.
3: Select year.
4: Enter document number.
5: Click on ‘Request Document’ button. You will get Request Id. Enter this Request Id under ‘Download Document’ option to download the document, if available on central storage.

How to IGRS UP Registration & Stamp fees payment:

steps :
1. Name & details of Proposer, Identity Certificates, Residential Address, Mobile number and an E-mail address.
2. ready Stamp Duty, Registration Fees that was required to pay for your requirement.
3. And follow through it in such a mannar.

For more details, visit IGRS UP Site: http://igrsup.gov.in/.


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