Update RTA Telangana Registered Vehicle Mobile Number In RC

Change / Update Your RTA Telangana Registered Vehicle mobile number In Registration Certificate RC, Follow the topics are given below.

RTA Telangana Transport

Telangana transport department runs various RTOs (Regional Transport Offices). They run around 36 RTOs in the state.  Now, many of the services of the Telangana Transport Department are available online. For Example, you can now update your mobile number, get the registration, apply for a license, etc.

In this article, we are discussing the process by which one can update the RC Mobile Number, here RC nothing but ‘Registration Certificate’.  But first, let us know why updating the mobile number is important.

Why to Update RC Mobile Number?

There are various reasons for which we must update our RC mobile number. Some of the most common ones are –

1. To get timely notification from the transport department of Telangana like pollution checks, registration renewal, license updates, etc.

2.  To contact in case of emergencies like theft, accidents, etc.

3. To comply with the regulations and to avoid penalties.

4. To keep you informed and updated.

How to check the RC Mobile number?

To Check What is your Mobile Number in Registration Certificate RC Book , you have to follow these steps –

1. Go to the official Telangana Transport RASTA portal : https://transport.telangana.gov.in/

2. On the right-hand side, there is an option of ‘Update your mobile number’. Click on that.

3. Now, select the module. Select either your vehicle number or driver’s license (whichever is suitable).

4. Enter the details.

5. Select the name of the RTA Office.

6. Enter the DOB (Date of birth ) present on the Driving License.

7. Click on ‘Get Details’.

8. See the details and check whether the mobile number displayed is correct or not.

9. If it is correct, click on ‘Yes’, and if it is not, click on ‘No’.

10. If you want to change the mobile number, click on ‘Yes’.

11. Enter the new mobile number and select ‘Request OTP’.

12. Enter the OTP.

13. Click on ‘Submit’. You will instantly get a message that your mobile number has been updated.

How to update the RTA Registered mobile number?

Update Your RTA Telangana Registered Vehicle mobile number In Registration Certificate RC Book , follow the Steps below:

1. Visit the official transportation site of the Telangana Transport Department.

2. Click on the ‘Update your mobile number’ tab present on the right-hand side of the screen.

3. In the module, select ‘Vehicle number’.

4. Enter the Vehicle Chassis Number (last 5 digits only).

5. Click on ‘Details’.

6. Select ‘Yes’ to update your mobile number.

7. Now, click on ‘Request OTP’.

8. Enter the OTP and then click on the ‘Submit’ tab.

9. You will then get a message ‘Your Mobile number has been updated successfully’.

Is it mandatory to update the TS Vehicle RC Mobile number?

It is highly recommended, not mandatory.

Can the mobile number be updated offline?

Yes, it can be done by visiting the nearest RTA Office and requesting them for the same.

What if, it is not possible to get the OTP?

It is better to contact the RTA helpline numbers.

Does the RTA of Telangana charge any fee for the updating of the mobile number?

No, you can update it without any additional charge.

Is it possible to update multiple mobile numbers for the same number of vehicles?

No, it is not possible. Only one number is allowed per vehicle.

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