How to pnb net banking login online Registration Procedure

Steps to pnb net banking login Registration,how to pnb internet banking user Guidelines online at

Punjab National Bank Experience a convenient, simple and secure way of banking & e-commerce at your comfort with PNB Internet Banking Services.customers would be able to register for PNB’s internet Banking Services online, without visiting branch. The facility is available only for self-operated saving and current account customers. Only for that customers who are registered for SMS Alerts facility with PNB can avail this facility.

How to get User ID/Password :
Visit any nearest PNB branch and submit request for registration. You will get your Corporate ID, Administrator User ID & password immediately.
1. Corporate ID identifies the Corporate and is common for Admin User and other Users.
2. Administrator performs all the Admin activities including creation of Users for performing transactions through Admin User ID & password.

How to pnb net banking login procedure :

visit official website :,
Click on ‘Corporate User’.
1. Corporate Admin logs in Internet Banking with Corporate ID, Admin User ID & password. Other users will use Corporate ID, their respective User ID & Login password.
2. On first login, user will be prompted to enter OTP (One Time Password) received on the registered Mobile Number of the Admin User.
3. User will be required to set seven Challenge Questions/Answers, Phrase and select an image.
4. User will be forced to change the password(s).

pnb net banking users Creating online for Login:

1. Click on ‘Corp Admin’ and go to‘User Maintenance’ option,
2. Click ‘Create New’ button.
3. Enter the First name, Last name of the user.
4. Select Menu Profile from dropdown for Login & Transaction (CUSER), Login Only (CVIEW).
5. Select Customer Id Access Indicator, Division Access Indicator linke global or local select one of it.
6. Enter Mobile number (User will receive OTP on this number) and Email ID of the user.
7. Click on ‘Continue’ button.
8. Enter One Time Password (OTP – received on registered mobile number of Admin User) & click on ‘Submit’ button to authenticate.
9. and User Id will be created.

Set password:
1. Select the User for which password(s) is to be set.
2. Click on ‘Set Password’.
3. Select Check box(s) for setting of password(s) and set the passwords manually.
4. Enter One Time Password (OTP – received on registered mobile number of Admin User) & click on ‘Submit’ button to confirm setting of password(s).

pnb net banking Setting Limits:
Limit assigned to the user is the total amount for which user can perform transactions per day.
1. Click on ‘Corp Admin’.
2. Click on ‘Set Limits’.
3. Click on ‘Set Limit for User’ button.
4. Click on ‘Look Up’ button.
5. Select User for which the limit is to be set.
6. Enter Overall per day maximum amount and per day no of transactions.
7. Enter Amount Limit and No. of transactions for various types of transactions.
8. Click on ‘Continue’.
9. Enter One Time Password (OTP – received on registered mobile number of Admin User) & click on ‘Submit’.
and finall setting will be changed.

for other and more details visit official website : and download the user Guide.

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